November 17 2019 aquarius astrology

The Moon in Eleventh House represents emotional sensitivity in social arenas.

November 17 - Birthday Horoscope Personality

You seek comfort and security in friends and group associations. You are dynamic in group settings although you do not need to feel like the center of attention. You may be detached and objective in social circumstances because you do not want to commit your allegiance to one group or another. You prefer to have several types of acquaintances in various group settings. You do well as an organizer of group events whether it be a party for friends, group meeting or social event.

You have a tendency to overextend yourself and can become divided by being involved in too many group projects at once. You may need to guard against being too naive, friendly and taking too much responsibility for groups. You may do well to focus on reliable friendships and learn discrimination when opening to new activities and associations so that you can manage and coordinate your various interests and activities. The moon will appear full from Saturday night until Tuesday morning.

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Dark Star Astrology 12222

Have I been too flippant, or carefree to the point of being careless or irresponsible? Have I been letting myself down by allowing myself to get distracted and bored? Have I been too confident to the point of arrogance, or too preachy? Have I been commitment-phobic, to my own detriment? Have I been seeing the bigger picture? Message Life is an adventure. Forgiveness and Gratefulness The Full Moon is a time when we set our intentions on forgiveness and gratefulness.

Write a list of things you intend to forgive in yourself and others. You might be tempted to invest — not a bad thing, but avoid impulse, think first.

Decan 1 Aquarius Horoscope October 12222

You might make a sweet, light friend this October. Tackle chores this night to Wed. But do dive in Mon. Relationships, opportunities, negotiations and litigation, and public dealings — these face you Wed. The whole interval is strongly beneficial, except for your home or domestic links. Nothing to worry about. As usual, for best results, co-operate, be diplomatic.

My advice? An exciting meeting might arise Sat. Your energy, charisma, clout, effectiveness and timing remain high and strong, Libra. You might encounter an unexpected, stunning and physically stirring meeting Sunday night, but everything love-oriented, before early Monday afternoon, will likely disappoint. After this, to Wed.

Tuesday, btw. Tackle chores Wed. Eat, dress sensibly. Only one caution: this interval is not a good time to communicate nor to waste time in travel. Friday night and Saturday bring relationships, relocation themes, public interfacing, opportunities and negotiations — but the flip side of these are opposition, challenge, even enmity — even war! Sidestep conflict Sat. But realize all this will lead to probable disappointment — applies until next Monday morning Oct.

Be patient, much better is brewing!

12222 Aquarius Career Horoscope: Futuristic ideas will show a bright future

Remain in the background — rest, contemplate, plan, deal with advisors, agents, institutions, head offices and civil servants. Do your karma i. Avoid belligerent people and places of violence e. Same period, be wary of volunteering for additional duties, chores or burdens. Despite your weariness, you glow with attraction from Tuesday to Oct. Errands, contacts and communication fill Sunday daytime. Settle into home, family Sunday night to Wednesday morning. But Monday p. Romance lights your heart and puts a shine in your eyes Wed.

Good luck walks with you the whole interval, with one minor glitch: you could ruin things by seeking casual sex — wait for the deeply passionate stuff. Tackle chores and minor health needs late Fri. You could even change partners.

Sun enters Scorpio

But go slow — practical realities say you might be missing key information. Wishes can come true, Sage! Now to Oct. An Aries or Libra or less so, Gemini or Virgo might be involved. So, likely, is a romantic attraction, social goals or a group involvement.

Your enthusiasm usually steers you well, so rely on it this week and next — give whatever dampens your enthusiasm a wide berth. Errands, casual contacts, paperwork, travel and communications fill Sun. Be wary before Mon.

Aquarius Monthly Career Horoscope June

A sudden attraction, a hidden but about-to-erupt animosity — either possible Sun. But Mon. Nudge yourself toward home, family, security Wed. Everything here will flow with splendid ease. Hug the kids, start a project garden, education fund, etc. Romance, beauty, pleasure and self-expression lift you — at least at first.

The accent remains on ambitions, career prospects, interfacing with higher-ups bosses, parents, judges, etc.

Full Moon June 17, 12222 – Aquarius Rising

Operating independently is a mistake. With regards to money aspects, today carries excellent auspices. Health: Close. With regards to health aspects, today carries excellent auspices.

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Do's for Aquarius October 9 Don'ts for Aquarius October 9 Aquarius Tomorrow Whether you are moving to a new place or just making some changes at home. Aquarius October 10 It seems that this Thursday you will have to be careful and take things lighter at work because all this accumulated tension will surely do you no good. Aquarius October 11 You will have to be very open today to all the advice and opinions around you if you want to make the right decision regarding something you've been thinking of some time new. Aquarius October 12 Some friend or someone close might ask for help today and although it might be something out of the blue and you might be embarked on something else, you will probably react wit