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Romantic day! These are the prospects of today October 8 in love, money, health and for life in general, with a rating from no stars not the best auspices to five stars excellent auspices. On top of that, there are also do's and don'ts for today. General: Close. With regards to life in general, today doesn't carry the best auspices.

Love: Close. With regards to love, today carries great auspices. Money: Close. People born on other dates need not be concerned. In astrology, your Sagittarius Zodiac sign also called sun sign or star sign is decided by the position of the sun at the moment of your birth, as seen from Earth. The time it takes is closer to Every fourth year we add a day to the calendar, the 29th of February, making that year days.

So, was not a leap year, but was. The leap years make the dates of each Zodiac sign change slightly. In reality it changes slightly in a four year period from one leap year to the next. If you were born on November 22nd or 23rd, your sun may be on the very cusp the starting point of Sagittarius dates, or right by the end of Scorpio. If you were born on the 21st or 22nd of December, your sun might be at the very end of Sagittarius dates or at the cusp of Capricorn.

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You need to check with the Zodiac Sign Calculator or your exact horoscope, because on those dates it depends on what time of day you were born — and in what place. Now, If you were born on November 22nd or 23rd at a time when your sun is at the very end of Scorpio, you probably have a mixture of Scorpio and Sagittarius in your character.

The strongest is not equal to the most typical, though.

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A Zodiac sign is its most typical at the part of it decan corresponding to its quality: cardinal, fixed or mutable. Each Zodiac sign belongs to one of the four elements fire, earth, air, and water. So, four elements and three qualities make twelve possible combinations — the twelve signs of the Zodiac. Sagittarius is the mutable fire sign. That corresponds approximately to the dates December December If you were born on December But the most important thing to decide is what sign you are.

So, If you were born on November 22ndrd or December 21stnd, please check with the Zodiac Sign Calculator see the link below , or get your complete horoscope chart, to be sure of your star sign. Click the header to get there. Here are all the twelve Zodiac signs and their dates of birth, i. For more about the dates for a specific Zodiac sign, please click the link.

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Sun sign dates: March 21 — April Astrologer Kimberly Peta Dewhirst notes that Jupiter arrived in Scorpio right around the time that news broke of Harvey Weinstein's history of sexual harassment , which started off a slew of high-profile sexual assault allegations and the rise of the MeToo and Time's Up movements. The past year has been, undoubtedly, empowering for survivors of sexual harassment, assault, and abuse. It's also been a year when upsetting revelations and all Scorpio-related matters have dominated the headlines.

But tomorrow, November 8, Jupiter will redirect its spotlight when it moves from Scorpio into Sagittarius, the sign of adventure, philosophical ideas, and growth. This doesn't mean that publishers and broadcasters will start reporting on exclusively exciting and positive events.

The Scorpio-Sagittarius Cusp

But, there may be more room for stories like that now, Dewhirst says. With Jupiter in this worldly sign, "people are keener to broaden their horizons and be more open to learning things and taking on a new perspective," she says. Jupiter sticks around in a sign for about 13 months, meaning the next year could be filled with the pursuits that Sagittarius loves: communications across borders, an optimistic outlook for the world at large, and an enthusiastic, devil-may-care approach to tasks at hand. If you ask us, Jupiter moving into Sagittarius sounds great — but it comes with a caveat.

Mars, the planet of action , will move into Pisces on November 16, creating an astrological aspect known as a square with Jupiter.

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When two planets form a square, it's said that tensions and conflict can arise between them. In the case of this particular square, Mars may dim Jupiter's shine, so to speak.

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Although Mars is normally a very energetic planet, when it's in a water sign like Pisces, it may put a bit of damper on the fanfare of Jupiter entering Sagittarius — Dewhirst compares it to that anticlimactic moment when you try to light a firework, but the matches are damp. So, Jupiter's stay in Sag might kick off to a muted start, but don't shrug this period off as an astrological misfire.