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Auspicious combinations; More about Yogakarakatwa; Rajayoga par excellence; Dasas of Yogakarakas; Bhuktis of related inauspicious lords; Other auspicious yogas; Rahu-ketu as yogakarakas; Extinction of rajayoga; On Longevity: Neutral bhukti lord to dasa lord; Rule about Maraka dasas; Aries lagna; Taurus lagna; Gemini lagna; Cancer lagna; Leo lagna; Virgo Lagna; Libra lagna; Scorpio lagna; Sagittarius lagna; Capricorn lagna; Aquarius lagna; Pisces lagna; Concluding slokas; Miscellaneous: General slokas; Dasa calculations; Index to technical terms.

Slokas are numbered in the table of contents, but not in the text of the book itself.

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There are various "missing" slokas, starting with A casual glance at the book shows more than one bit of Sanskrit for each of the 12 signs, thus accounting for the jumps in numbers. How to analyze transits; 2.

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Retrograde planets; 4. Transit a Hindu classical approach; 5. Sade Sati of Saturn; 6. Transits of the sun; 2.

Stock Trading Business – Rise and Fall

Transits of the moon; 3. Transits of Mercury; 4. Transits of Venus; 5. Transits of Mars; 6. Transits of Jupiter; 7. There would be a remarkable growth in professional and financial status. When Venus mahadasha coming as a malefic mahadasha for a boy, it is much worse than of a girl because karak of marriage and love in boy horoscope is Venus.

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Venus mahadasha good or bad it depends on many conditions so analyse properly then give conclusion for any dasha. Good effects of Venus mahadasha:. Bad effects of Venus mahadasha:. Now you can read Venus mahadasha in hindi or shukra mahadasha effects in hindi from translator available in my website find shukra dasha. Sunday, May 17, Vehicles in Astrology.

Sannyas Yoga (Vedic Astrology) with Example Horoscopes

Read your chances of buying property:. If you are experiencing delay in purchasing or selling of your property or Vehicle, then chances of 4th lord or sitting planet in 4th houses badly placed in horoscope. For purchasing or selling Mahadasha of current planet is most important. Vehicle yoga in astrology:. Timing of astrology for vehicle purchase:. Thursday, May 7, Property in Astrology. Everyone wants to own a property.

Astrological Yogas - Astro Vedic Yogas

Can everyone do that? But definitively one favour I can do for you guys. Fourth house in horoscope is very important for lot of reasons; it indicates happiness, house, vehicle, mother, peace in life, affection through mother etc. Astrology for land purchase gives path for choosing right property o right time.

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Do you have Raja yoga or Wealth yoga? Mars can give big land but home decoration and interior attractive construction part govern by Venus.

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Home depends on many conditions:. Neecha-bhang Raja yoga can gives many houses, read below:.

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