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You will receive this via email within 72 hours — latest would be early Tuesday, but, I should be able to get it done sooner for you. I have one big doubt…for marriage do we look for 7th house in the D1 chart or the 7th house of D9 chart as per Vedic astrology?

Astropost: Love and Venus in the progressed chart

Because my 7th house for D1 has neptune while D9 chart has North node in 7th house. What should I infer from this? Also for a male, the qualities of spouse is predicted by venus or by moon? Please help. E longitude N latitude. Thanks for your question. I believe you are asking questions based on Vedic charts, not Western charts. I do not do Vedic astrology, nor was this article written from a Vedic perspective. If you have questions about marriage in your chart from a Vedic point of view, you need to contact someone who specializes in that type of astrology, as I do not.

Hi, Juli! Thank you for your reply. Just purchased a Synastry reading from you. Looking forward to hearing from you! Thanks for ordering the synastry reading! I will do that via email within the next 48 hours for you. I do NOT sell or send out a computer generated report — I look at both charts and write my own findings. I replied to your email — you can send your data there instead of posting it here for privacy. Hi there! Really interesting article! I had a question about progressed charts.

I noted that you mentioned a double bodied sign on the 7th can indicate more than one marriage — or infidelity, etc. Is my imagination getting carried away with itself? Thank you so much for your feedback! Warmest regards, Carole. The formula I use to determine how many marriages or if one would have multiple marriages or opportunity for marriage is seen by the natal 7th house, not the progressed 7th.

Infidelity can be seen by other factors, too numerous to name here, and I will write an article on those indicators in the future. You would also look to any transits usually heavy ones from the outer planets — Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus and Pluto that may aspect this house cusp within a degree as well. There is a formula that can be used that after married, you can determine a pivotal or difficult year for the marriage, that may be a breaking point if the two do not work together.

I will address that as well in a future article. My rates are on this page in the lower right corner. In the Synastry chart I just purchased, perhaps you can analyze for marriage in dictators in our charts? Or perhaps if and when it could happen tto. Thank you!

Hi and thanks for your question! A void or void of course planet just means it has either made or received all aspects it will in the sign it is in.

Most people would need a reading with a knowledgeable astrologer to be able to ascertain whether their Venus is void. Unless, of course, they had some astrological knowledge and could look at their chart and figure it out themselves! But, a void Venus is only one indicator that there may be a delay to marriage or no marriage at all. There typically are other things seen as well in the chart that may lead the astrologer to believe marriage may not occur. One can be Saturn in or ruling the 7th house cusp, which can delay marriage as well. If you are curious about your Venus, we can arrange to do a reading, either email or live chat.

Thanks again for visiting the site and reading the article! I have always been a big planner and love to figure things out. I just have three questions: 1. Around what age will I get Married? Will I have a happy marriage? Is there any possibility for divorce? Hi Kiersten! I would be glad to do a reading on your marriage questions. Click on the link to book a reading and choose the amount of time you desire and we can chat! I offer live chat readings as well as email readings. Check the PayPal link on this page that shows the amounts of time and email rates I charge, so you can choose which is right for you!

Hi Sheetal! Thanks for commenting.


I would be glad to take a look at your chart to give you more insight regarding marriage. I briefly looked at your chart, and the ruler of your 7th, Venus is not void, so that is a plus when it comes to marriage for you. As for seeing when it may occur, this would require me to look at your progressions as well as other factors you can see the amount of things that are looked at by the chart I wrote about in the article I can do this reading live via chat on the site, or email, whichever is easier for you!

Thanks again for writing! Feb 13 A conjunction is when 2 planets or in this case, luminaries are in the same sign and close if not exact in degree.

Pluto is a planet about transformation, and certainly, marriage can do that! About Latest Posts. Genuine Guidance. I combine these disciplines with my intuitive ability to give you insight. I am down to earth, pragmatic and will not paint you a blissful picture if that is not what I am being shown. I hope you enjoy the articles I provide here and it confirms I would be the right reader for you!

I look forward to making your acquaintance and giving you guidance!

Two Ways to Know if You're Going to Meet the Man You're Going to Marry in 2015

Tagged with: astrology , Genuine Guidance , julianne , love , marriage , relationships Posted in: Articles , Astrology. If I find him in the seventh house, I know that this person will be looking for something serious and long term, as this is the lesson their soul wants them to focus on right now. Often folks will marry or at the least get engaged with this transit.

Other planets I love to see in this part of the chart is Jupiter. He brings expansion and good fortune, which naturally makes it easier to find a relationship with this aspect. A new moon here could indicate the start of a new chapter of your love life as well. Saturn harmoniously interacting with Venus could absolutely indicate a significant relationship in the near future. Saturn represents commitment, responsibility, discipline, and Venus represents loveeee.

When these two team up, you end up with some sort of love commitment. Romantic relationships is definitely one of those things that helps us do exactly this. Similar to when Saturn and Venus team up, when Jupiter and Venus team up, it can definitely bring some sparkle to your love life. The energy of Jupiter might not be as serious as that of Saturn, but it sure does bring its own magic to the party.

Angles that are most harmonious are sextiles 60 degrees , trines degrees , conjunctions 0 degrees. In other words, the planets are made to move the same distance as was travelled by the sun in secondary progression. Those astrologers who use solar arc progression usually regard it as an additional source of information, to be used in combination with secondary progression.

A variety of other methods of progression have also been used. Interpretation of progressions is usually fairly similar to the interpretation of transits. In general however, progressions primarily involve psychological developments from within the individual often of course stimulated by exterior events , while transits involve developments in the life circumstances outside the individual's control. The most important point to remember with progressions is that the pattern of the natal chart always determines their value.

Also, if planets are not aspected in the natal chart, progressed aspects will in general not have the same effect. In short each person carries the pattern of the natal chart with them all their lives, and the progressed and transiting movements of the planets indicate when the potential in the natal chart will be given opportunities for development. Progressions are usually only important for the inner personal planets Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars as the progressed outer planets will have moved only an insignificant distance. However, the personal planets do make aspects to the transpersonal and outer planets.

Significant events in the motion of a slow moving body, such as a station retrograde or direct by progression, are also considered significant by many astrologers who use progressions. The main significance of progressed planets is when they form aspects with planets in the natal chart. The following is a brief description of the effect of progressed aspects:. Unless the time of birth is very accurately known, progressing the ascendant and midheaven can be disregarded. Progressed midheaven suggests developments in career and business interests.

The retrograde motion of a planet is its apparent backward motion through the sky caused by the earth travelling past a slower moving outer planet, or when the earth is itself passed by a faster moving inner planet.